Established by the Fogg family in the 1920’s & still proudly family owned

Port Stephens Coaches has a long history in the local region, and we are proud of the growth and expansion we have made over the years. From humble beginnings to Sid Fogg’s of Fogg’s Newcastle and the birth of the Port Stephens Coaches name, you can trace our history and see how far we have come.

Amos Fogg, with the help of his brothers Owen, Roy and Sid, commenced as transport operators in Cessnock using a Ford Lorry with a four poster body, tarp roof and seats. This service ran from Cessnock to Aberdare Central. Foggs then purchased Aberdare to Kearsley run from Hancocks and commenced operating the service from Cessnock to Newcastle via Maitland.

1920s- Port Stephens Coaches history