The Prince Henry Nursing & Medical MuseumSydney



The Prince Henry Nurses and Medical Museum seeks to preserve and maintain the hospital’s heritage that began on the headlands of Little Bay in 1881.

According to the NSW Government Gazette of 1880, the population of Sydney was 221,000, Sir Henry Parkes was the Premier, and Sydney Hospital, as the first hospital in Australia was training nurses based on the Florence Nightingale model from London.

With an expanding population and the introduction of various communicable diseases to the colony carried by the many convicts and new settlers, it was necessary to establish a designated isolated place to develop a hospital/sanitarium to which these persons could be sent.

A measles epidemic in 1867, together with a small pox outbreak in 1881 and leprosy forced Parkes and others to accommodate affected persons away from the immediate city area. Little Bay, a reasonable distance from central Sydney by horse was chosen to firstly establish, “The Coast Hospital” which later became internationally known as the Prince Henry Hospital, a specialist teaching hospital for the University of New South Wales.

Following the tour, you'll head to beautiful Centennial Homestead, Centennial Park for a 2-course lunch.

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